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All sandwiches are served with french fries.
Add tator tots, spicy fries, sweet potato fries or a cup of soup 1.00

Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Thinly sliced smoked turkey with mayo and a light seasoning served on bread 4.99

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled pork covered in our homemade barbecue sauce on white bread 3.99

Chicken Ginger Teriyaki Sandwich
If sandwiches could speak, this one would say. "You are so sexy!" Flattery is nice, but this sandwich with grilled onions and peppers and your choice of provolone or mozzarella cheese is even nicer 6.99

Smoked Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Smoked ham topped with your choice of cheese grilled to perfection. Served with a cup of our homemade soup made fresh daily 4.99

Grilled Rock 'n' Cheese
Delicious grilled cheese served with a cup of our homemade soup 3.99
Add tomato and bacon 4.99

The Choose Your Chicken Sandwich
First of all, do you want your chicken grilled or fried in our homemade breading? Do you want BBQ or Garlic Hot Sauce? Maybe you want it served p&nesan style. Whatever you choose, you'll get it on fresh baked bread 5.99

Hot Italian Beef Sandwich
What sorta Chiago bowling cencer would we be without this on the menu? Giardinaire on the side 6.99
Add mozzarella for $.50

Grilled Steak Sandwich
Our grilled onions are so spectacular that you wouldn't even notice if we left the steak out of your steak sandwich. But we won't. Promise! 7.99

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Everything you love about Philly chsese steaks without actually having to be in Philly 7.99

Veggie Melt
Bliss in the form of avacado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Swiss cheese 5.99


Chicken Ginger Teriyaki Wrap
This is pretty much like the sandwich described above, but it's in wrap form. And it might be even deliciouser. Seriously. Quit reading this! What more do you wanna hear? 6.99

Honey Mustard Crisp Chicken Wrap If you like honey mustard, if you like crispy chicken, if you like cheddar jack cheese, just order this 5.99

Mixed Veggie Wrap
Avacado, cucumber, peppers, lettuce, tomato, onions, joy, happiness, and a side of yummy 4.99

Smoked Turkey Wrap
Thinly sliced smoked turkey with mavo and a light seasoning served on Norwegian Lefse 3.99

Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken is expertly mixed with ranch dressing, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and love 6.99

Louisiana Spicy Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken, avacado, lettuce, tomato, onion and our garlic sauce make this wrap sort of like a Mardi Gras party in your mouth 6.99

Mexican Fajita Wrap
Chicken or steak (choose wisely), with refried beans, salsa, sour cream, and chedder jack 7.99

Healthy Choices
(fries not included)

Flatbread Chicken Sandwich   Grilled chicken, American cheese, mayo  and roasted tomato 3.30

Flatbread Club  Turkey, bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato and a hope for a bright future 2.99

Veggie Flatbread Sandwich*   Ranch dressing over a delightfully colorful mix of bell peppers, tomatoe, cucumber and mozzarella cheese makes this vegitarian selection an explosion of flavor and euphria 2.49

Build Your Own Burger
Ever had grass-fed Angus beef?
Ever had grass-fed bison burger?

Cattle that is grass-fed produces a more natural, better tasting, and most importantly, healthier beef patty. Eating our burgers is almost like eating a salad, really. They have less cholesterol, and fewer calories! Just .50 cent per topping

American Cheese
Blue Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Pepper Jack
Green Pepper
Green Olives
Black Olives
Sauteed Bell Peppers
Grilled Mushrooms
Grilled Onions
Onion Rings
Canadian Bacon

Bison Burger
Named after our bowling mechanic, Edgar Bison, it's nothin more than a mere coincidence that this burger also happens to be a full half-pound of grass-fed bison 8.99

If you lke to rock, this burger is for you. If you like burgers, this burger is for you. If you like cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms, bacon, lettuce and tomato, then this burger is for you. If you like tofu, with grilled rice cakes and a gravelly dirt sauce, please move along.
6 oz 7.99   8 oz 9.99

Teriyaki Ginger Burger
The secret to this burger is in the marinade. Naturally, the pepper jack cheese, the touch of cilantro, and the grilled peppers and onions are important, too. But let's be honest, this isn't called the "Pepper Jack Cilantro Pepper and Onion Burger 6 oz 6.99 8 oz 9.99

Kid's Burger
A smaller burger for smaller people. Includes french fries. 2.99

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